Minecraft Cross-Play Comes To PlayStation Today

minecraft cross-play playstation

Minecraft fans who are busy beavering away on Playstation consoles will finally be able to enjoy cross-play as of today’s Bedrock update.

Already available on Xbox One, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android mobile devices, and Gear VR the Bedrock update is the first time that PlayStation players in Microsoft’s world builder will be able to get to know the rest of the console world. While Minecraft has been hugely successful for Microsoft across every platform it exists on, netting 112 million users per month, Sony’s isolationist attitude has been a bugbear across many games this generation.

Ironically spotted on Xbox Wire’s news updates, players have nothing to lose by jumping in with the rest of us. Playstation 4 owners will have their purchased content and progress carried over across the supported platforms and will be able to access the Bedrock in game store. This includes a range of worlds, skins, mini-games, and mash-up packs, which might have something to do with the push to enable cross-play.

Added Extras

His isn’t the only update to come to the unified version of Minecraft, which is playing catch up with the original Minecraft java stream. The full patch notes are available on the official Minecraft site and include the obvious performance and graphical buffs. Players will also find a bunch of changes to villager behavior including:

  • Villagers now stock more items.
  • Villagers will now remember their gossip after becoming a Zombie Villager.
  • Improved performance of Villager pathfinding.
  • Villagers can now work without also restocking at the same time.
  • Gossip about players who converted a zombie villager will now last longer.
  • Villagers now wait with restocking until they have trades that need restocking.
  • Village sieges no longer occur on mushroom islands.

The Buzzy Bees, or version 1.14, update is due to go live around 8 am PST and is absolutely free. to enable cross-play on Playstation versions of Minecraft just log in and grab this version like any other update.


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