Minecraft Dungeons Gets Cross-Play Next Month

Minecraft Dungeons

Starting in November, Minecraft Dungeons will officially receive cross-play between PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While the cross-play launch was not revealed, we do know that it will be arriving before the end of November.

The announcement came as part of Minecraft Live, an online event that took place this past weekend. Developers said, “My darling Arch-Illager’s playground will get a major update in November when we add a free update for cross-play! Does this mean that the game will turn into a very advanced version of tic-tac-toe? No! For some reason, the developers thought you should be able to play with your friends regardless of platform instead. If the Dungeons team spent a little less time socializing and a lot more time answering the notes I shove under their locked door we could all be playing a boring version of bingo right now on our respective devices. But to each their own.”

In addition, the team also announced the Howling Peaks DLC for December alongside a Season Pass. The DLC will feature a new boss that is one windy fellow. You can read more about the DLC right here at Gamespace.

Check out the Minecraft Dungeons section of Minecraft Live on the game’s official site.

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