Minecraft Gets New Howling Peaks DLC In December

minecraft howling peaks dlc

Minecraft, the pixelated build you own adventure sandbox is about to head to the Howling Peaks in December.

Minecraft might have already topped the news headlines when Steve jumped ship for a bit of Smash but the multi-platform adventure from the team at Mojang is about to expand its horizons with the Howling peaks DLC. Coming this December, the Howling peaks DLC for Minecraft follows the recent release of Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter add ons, and takes players on a very different journey.

As you might expect, the theme here is mountain ranges and features a whole host of extra additions to the base game. New mobs, a new boss encounter,m extra gear, and plenty of secrets are stashed along the way as the Howling Peaks DLC unfolds across a range of new environments. Eager adventurers will find a new island on the Minecraft Dungeons map, featuring a total of three levels to play through too.

Anybody eager to pick up and play this new DLC with friends won’t be disappointed. The new Minecraft Howling peaks DLC will drop on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows when it arrives in stores and Online. The addition of crossplay support in November also means that anybody ready to take on the Tempest Golem can do so with their friends.

To find out more about the new updates to Minecraft, head over to the official website to get the latest on Steve’s escapades.

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