Minecraft Might be the Biggest-selling Video Game of All Time Now


Minecraft is among the leading video games worldwide. Microsoft bought it at $2.5 billion in 2014. However, Minecraft was first released in 2009. It involves printing money using block-building equipment. Visit topcasinocodes.com to receive free bonus codes when you play online games. In this post, we discuss why Minecraft might the best-selling video game in history.


The Minecraft world constitutes 3D fluids and cubes that represent dirt, ores, lava, stone, and water. Each player should pick and arrange the objects in a 3D pattern. You can mine them from different places. Check the system clock to obtain a map seed to guide you in your adventure. The game doesn’t limit you on how much you can explore its world in the horizontal axis.


Players cannot traverse places that are far than 30,000,000 blocks. The game splits the data into small chunks that you load when you approach other players. Besides, it divides the globe into several biomes including caves, forests, mountains and water bodies. It has 20-minute time cycles.

Use the map seed to generate an infinite game world. Creeper, Enderman, spider, skeleton, and zombie are the main monsters in Minecraft. You might encounter non-active mobs including animals and villagers. Moreover, you can hunt chicken, cows, and pigs for food. Spiders and skeletons hide in a cave at night while creepers sneak up on players.

Liquids flow from horizontal blocks. You can add solid blocks to remove them. Players can use electrical circuits, logic gates, and tech devices to build sophisticated systems. The game has two dimensions, the End and Nether. The End comprises of several barren islands while Nether is accessible through portals.


Minecraft Sales

Nintendo Switch and Xbox One users can easily access Minecraft. Microsoft revealed in a recent report that Minecraft has over 176 million sales within ten years. It has surpassed the record of other popular video games such as Tetris and Grand Theft AutoV. During its tenth anniversary celebration, Microsoft released Minecraft Earth. It resembles Pokémon Go as it allows players to build in an augmented environment. Nevertheless, it is crucial to collaborate with other characters to construct sophisticated structures.

Saxs Persson, the game’s creative director stated that Minecraft Earth has a new map that includes an interactive museum theme. He further explained that the old Minecraft version is not yet available in some countries.

Minecraft is an interesting sandbox game that allows you to use 3D blocks to build houses. It has different activities including crafting, combat, exploration and gathering resources. Also, the game has several modes such as adventure, creative, multiplayer, spectator and survival modes. Over 176 million Minecraft copies have been sold since it was released.

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