Mini Life Launches The MMOSNG?

Mini Life, the new mobile title from Krafton Game Union, is eagerly inviting players to begin a new journey as they launch Mini Life on Android today.

The Massively Multiplayer Online Social Network Game

Sometimes it might seem like that Twiwtface is nothing but a game. Crafting social media posts to gain a thumbs up or positive reviews. Now the team that helped squeeze games like PUBG onto your screen has officially launched Mini Life, a new take on the mobile social experiment.

Players picking up Mini Life will find themselves thrust into a cutthroat suburban paradise, where their only aim is to become the coolest person in town. Taking an isometric top-down view on this task, players will be able to achieve their aim in several ways. Avatar customization includes over a billion potential character combinations, while the more successful gamer will be able to build out a sprawling mansion to impress their friends.

Your local neighborhood is a vitally important part of this mobile experience. Players can socialize, customize, and glamorize while they explore the shared world of Mini Life. Along with real-time chat channels, Live events, a fully featured trading system, and a weather system, Mini Life focuses on social systems rather than headshots for its gameplay. There’s even an AR camera to take photos with their avatars or friends.

After a successful beta, this title is finally live on Android. If you want something that is a little less life or death and aren’t all in on the phenomenon that is the BTS World game, then you can find out more about Mini Life over on the official website now.


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