Mirage Arcane Warfare Release Announced with Free Chivalry

Mirage Arcane Warfare

Mirage Arcane Warfare finally has a release date! Torn Banner Studios announced that the game will be ready to roll on May 23rd along with a couple of other BIG news items.

Mirage Arcane Warfare isn’t enough on its own?

No, it really isn’t — well, yes, it is, but nothing sweetens a deal more than free stuff and discounts, right?

Anyone who pre-orders MAW starting today will get instant access to the beta as well as the ability to score Chivalry Medieval Warfare for free. There is a caveat, however, in that you can only get Chivalry for free on March 27-28 on Steam. If you do, the game will be permanently added to your collection.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! If you score Chivalry for free, you’ll also get 10% off Mirage! How’s THAT for a sweet deal!?

Wow….pretty exciting, isn’t it? You can learn more of the details on the official Steam page.

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