Mistover – Beginner’s Guide to Town Activities


With the release of single-player RPG Mistover rapidly approaching, the developers from KRAFTON have shared the Beginner’s Guide to all activities around the Town to make sure that your expeditions are safe and sufficient.

  • The Expedition Center allows you to recruit new members and manage your Corps Crew. Every week, the recruits you have not hired will be switched out with a new batch that may know different battle skills.
  • Training Camp allows players to use the Skill Points (SP) gained from levelling to learn new skills or increase the level of an existing skill. The characters also acquire passive Jinx skills as they level up that can cause positive or negative effects. You can reroll a negative Jinx into another random one in the Training Camp.

  • The Alchemy Workshop allows players to improve items, disassemble equipment and more.
  • Support Lab conducts research to increase maximum Fullness or Luminosity, expand space in Storage or the Bag, increase EXP or Gold acquisition, and more.
  • Storage allows players to check items purchased from the Shop or acquired during expeditions. Beware, there is a limit to how many items you can keep in the Storage!
  • True to its name, the Shop sells items necessary for expeditions. You can also sell your unused items here.
  • The Office provides players with storyline-related requests.
  • Use the Pier to visit the vortex and explore dangerous dungeons in the world of Mist. Every week, the dungeons available in each area will change. Dungeons will have different sizes, levels of monsters, and acquirable items. Check the dungeon descriptions and evaluate the Corps Crew to decide which dungeon to clear.

The developers have also shared a guide on character Formation and Co-op skills:

Mistover uses a 3×3 battle formation grid. Characters need to be assigned to positions where their skills can be used. During the battle, formation positions may randomly change because of skills cast by monsters or your Corps Crew.

The Co-op skills are a subset of powerful battle skills because their range of effect includes either all enemies or all party members. Co-op skills only become usable when a specific class is placed in front, behind, or next to another. Therefore, which characters you choose for your Corps Crew and what formation positions you assign them can radically alter how battles progress.

Check out the full guide to learn more about formations and why continuously maintaining them is crucial as well as examples of the co-op skills.

Mistover is releasing on October 10th. You can currently pre-order the game on Steam for PC or in Nintendo eShop for its Switch version. Get it before launch on October 10, and you will get a 10% discount!

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