Mix Some Magic In Potioncraft Early Access

Mixology experts and Alchemists can test their skills as Potioncraft enters Steam Early Acess.

Available now on Pc, via Steam Early Access, Potioncraft is a concoction coming out of indie publisher tinyBuild and featuring everything you need to build your very own medieval potion shop. Using strange and sometimes unusual ingredients, players setting up shop in this 2D shop sim will invent new recipes, attract a range of customers, and experiment to find the cures to whatever ails you.

Much like Moonlighter’s own commerce system, there is much more to Potioncraft than selling at the right price. Players in charge of a shopfront need to find navigate sandbox-style gameplay where there are a number of ways to complete each of the many potential tasks. Whether you decide to whip up a regular healing infusion with mana restoration or add a frost effect to your normal poison for some extra spice. It is down to you. You’ll also need to gather ingredients for these antidotes. Mushrooms, crystals, and more can be farmed from magical gardens as you explore the wilds around the world and return to your laboratory. All the while, this adventure seems to be played out on a gorgeous looking medieval manuscript.

There’s plenty of familiar sounding features for players of series like Atelier but with its own charming twist and a lot less anime RPG antics. If you’re looking for a relaxing herbal experience then Potioncraft could certainly light a fire under your cauldron. Potioncraft is available now via Steam Early Access and will cost £11.39 / $13.49 with a 10% discount during the launch window.

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