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MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 21 saw an interesting new way of Esports for the MLB community. After their events were originally run by ESL, the developers at MLB and San Diego Studios decided that they were going to go with Battlefly to run their competitive events.

It was a great decision from Sony San Diego as Battlefly offered a much more competitive scene and truly had the best players in the world win the events. Unfortunately, there is no point spread betting option for MLB the Show competitive events, but it’s still a great way to watch some of the best players in the world compete.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons below why Battlefly was the right decision for MLB The Show over ESL in the past below.

1. Legend Gameplay

When ESL was running the MLB The Show competitive tournaments, they were not playing at the highest difficulty.

In MLB The Show, as everybody knows who plays this game, flukey things can happen when playing on difficulties that aren’t legend. Legends difficulty is still going to have some weird thing happen, but much less than the Hall of Fame difficulty.

The former ESL winners were certainly some of the best players in the world, but the new Battlefly champions last year were truly the top three to five players in the entire world.

Players like Kriner, Weens, and Diournal all won the prestigious event hosted by Battlefly. These guys have been at the top of the MLB the Show leaderboards for the past few years and just show that this was a much better ran event than in the past.

MLB The Show 22 - 1

2. Much Better Support Team

The major thing that ESL was lacking compared to Battlefly is that they did not have a support system in place that actually ran well. Battlefly had a community Discord that people in the MLB The Show tournaments were able to use.

They were able to message developers personally, which is something that wasn’t a thing in the past. Unfortunately in MLB The Show, games have a tendency to freeze at any given moment.

This was prevalent last year especially in MLB the Show 21 as multiple games in the qualifying rounds and the championship rounds of the Battlefly event were freezing in the later stages of the game.

In the past, ESL didn’t have much communication about what to do, but Battlefly gave the two opponents that got into the freeze off exactly what they needed to do to go back in their game.

3. No Random Draft

The worst thing that ESL decided to do compared to Battlefly is that they had a random draft. For people who play MLB The Show, ESL decided to do a battle royale draft format, where it was truly RNG about who was going to get what cards.

In an event where you’re playing against all the best players in the world, it’s totally unfair how one player could get a 99 Mike Trout, while the other could get a 98 Kenny Lofton. Battlefly stopped all of this last year as they decided to allow people to pick their teams, but there was a restriction on the overall of each player.

Players could only have an X amount of 99s, an X amount of 94+ overalls, and then so on. This was much better because players were able to figure out their roster beforehand and be able to practice with the team that they were going to use.


All in all, there is no debate that Battlefly was a much better run event for MLB The Show 21, and it’s going to be exciting to see some of the top players in the world compete in MLB 22.

Although there are many flaws about MLB at 22 and some of the things that Sony San Diego is doing, things are going in the right direction for the competitive scene and if things continue going on the uprise, MLB The Show is going to be the next big Esports game.

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