Mobile Game Ads in 2020: From Rewarding to Advergaming

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Obtrusive ads might be a lot to ask for from gamers because they interrupt the gaming experience and could put off the players from the game. Ads are the most reliable income source aside from having a premium version of the game. Therefore, advertising on mobile games is very important but it needs to be done carefully and wisely. Here are some of the most effective mobile game ads that can be designed to be unobtrusive and easy on users.

Rewarding mobile game ads

Mobile gaming app developers have found a very simple yet effective strategy to monetize their software by using ads. A lot of games now have lives for the characters and if they deplete, they either have to wait or buy some items to revive themselves.

Some gamers won’t budge with buying the reviving kits or upgrading to premium, which is where rewarding mobile game ads come in. Using data retrieval protocols, you can retrieve user preferences using AI-powered systems to display personalized ads on various platforms and within the game. After watching an ad, the user will be able to revive themselves with either one life or a full bar of health.

Interstitial ads

Timing is very important when it comes to advertising because disturbing the gameplay might not be the best method to gain the user’s attention. Interstitial ads help bridge this gap by timing the displaying of ads carefully. For example, after the user completes a level within a game, displaying an ad at that time before he moves on to the next one can be very efficient.

Interstitial ads are a highly effective way to monetize the game without being too obtrusive to the end-users. Also, even when using this type of ad, try not to stuff it in the user’s face but be natural and avoid displaying the ad frequently.

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Dynamic advertising

Dynamic advertisements are the most popular types of ads that can be updated in real-time using AI-powered personalization and so forth. A great example of dynamic advertisements includes banners, popups, and full-screen ads within the game. The latter two might not be the best choice of dynamic advertising, especially when displayed during the game.

You can use a banner ad to grab the attention of users, especially if it is something they are really interested in. Popup and full-screen ads can be efficient if they are implemented in an interstitial capacity. However, it all depends on the design of your game and how ads are best suited because some games might allow interruption mid-gaming but others not so much.

Static advertisements

Static advertisements are a bit different type of advertising that is less common and might not have as much of an active income stream. Unlike dynamic ads, static advertisements can’t be updated in real-time. Also, game developers cannot personalize the contents of an ad.

A good example of this is the Adidas billboards within the FIFA games. Also, Pokemon Go partnered with Starbucks by pointing users to nearby coffee shops. Static advertisements are usually limited to one brand exclusively most of the time but it is possible to strike a deal with several companies as well.

Implementing advergaming effectively

Advergaming can be likened to static advertising because the products being promoted can’t be updated in real-time. In most cases, the products being promoted are only changed if an update or new version of the game is being made available. The advertised products are carefully weaved into the game by a real-life use case.

For example, games might promote sneakers worn by the characters within the game. Alternatively, sports racing games might subtly promote certain vehicle models and product ranges. The possibilities of implementing advergaming effectively are limitless, especially in games that mimic real-life scenarios.

Key takeaway

Advertising in mobile games can be a very efficient way to gain more brand exposure but it is important to play your cards wisely. By creating a pleasant experience by making the ads less obtrusive, you can monetize a gaming app effectively. You can decide on the type of mobile gaming app ads you’ll use from these popular ones mentioned above. Also, take into consideration the type of game and its genre before deciding on an advertisement monetization strategy.

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