Monster Hunter: World – Coral Highlands Gameplay

Monster Hunter World channel has been updated with a new video demonstrating the gameplay process of the stunning but deadly Coral Highlands. Viewers will have a chance to witness climbing, Rope Lifts, battle with bat-like Paolumu and much more.

Monster Hunter: World is planned for release on PC in Autumn 2018 with the console version going on sale around the world on Friday, January 26th.  Monster Hunter: World will also receive free updates such as new monsters after the launch.

Check out our Beta Impressions or visit the official site to learn more about the game.

Monster Hunter World in a nutshell is a beautiful game, graphically pleasing at all turns, from the character models, to the environment, to the monsters themselves.  The controls are quite cumbersome in some areas, and simplistic in others.  For example, weapon combos generally utilize between two and three buttons, whereas managing your inventory to find, say, a healing potion could take several seconds with the D pad.  They also have a quick access radial menu by pressing R1 and using the thumbstick, which I eventually started using, but again, the nature of the radial menu left me with dropping traps or using potions when I didn’t mean to during a fight, so it’s certainly something that may take some practice for the uninitiated.

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