Monster Hunter Rise x Ninjala Event Begins Today

Monster Hunter Rise x Ninjala

Monster Hunter Rise, the Switch centric action-adventure, arrives for a brand new Monster Hunter Rise x Ninjala collaboration today.

With a huge portion of Nintendo Switch owners eagerly cutting down the local wildlife in Monster Hunter Rise, it should be safe to leave the local village for a time and jump into Ninjala for a new collaboration event. Starting today, competitors entering this Ninja-gum arena will find a range of extra updates, costumes, and decorations on offer between now, and all the way through until 26 May.

New Costumes

Three new themed Avatar Costumes are available in the Specialty Shop, introducing lots of thematic styles from Monster Hunter Rise.

  • Kamura Style is based on the Kamura Armor – it’s the perfect attire to start a new adventure!
  • Rathalos Style is made up of Rathalos armor set pieces. It’s a lot easier to get here if you don’t have to farm any Rathalos drops.
  • Aknosom Style is based on the Aknosom Armor. This metal suit might not keep you protected any more than other skins, but this “knight in shining armor” also goes along nicely with Season 5’s fairy tales theme.

Alongside the new threads, players in Ninjala can turn up the heat and cook up some success with three new emotes. BBQ Success, BBQ Fail, and Weapon Sharpening all add their own distinctive flair to your pre and post match activities. Even fancier is this updates new Gum Utsusemi, allowing games to take the form of a Palico and Palamute. There’s also a MHRise 2 IPPON decoration and a Monster Hunter tee up for grabs, as well as a MHRise Palico sticker just for logging in during the event.

This isn’t the only collaboration event that we’ve seen from the arena battler that is Ninjala. With real-world support from music star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and in-game appearances from Sonic the Hedgehog, this hugely successful free to play arena, where players chew gum and display ninja powers, is certainly attracting some colorful supporters. You can find out more about Ninjala and the new Monster Hunter Rise x Ninjala event over on the official Ninjala website before picking up your Nintendo Switch and jumping into action.

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