Monster Hunter World – Weapon Overview Videos Presented

Capcom has uploaded 14 new videos, dedicated to the upcoming action RPG Monster Hunter World. Take a closer look at the weapon overview from the developers down below. Each type of equipment has its own effect.

In the weapon overview, you can check out the following weapons:
  • Sword & Shield – balanced, mobile & great for beginners. Hunters can continue to use other items even with drawn weapon.
  • Hammer –  heavy blunt weapon to smash and stun monsters with powerful blows.
  • Hunting Horn – easy-to-handle support weapon with long reach. Can be used to buff allies.
  • Lance – the weapon with strong offensive and defensive capabilities,
  • Gunlance – this weapon offers an ability to fire shells to keep monsters at bay.
  • Switch Axe can transform between an axe and a swift sword.
  • Charge Blade can transform from a sword-and-shield into a powered up axe, which can release the stored energy.
  • Insect Glaive gives players great mobility and enables aerial attacks.
  • Bow can rain down an array of arrows at monsters from afar. The arrow coatings allow Hunters to inflict various status ailments.
  • Light Bowgun is a long-range weapon, offering high mobility and rapid fire rate.
  • Heavy Bowgun can inflict massive damage with its powered shots.
  • Great Sword lacks in mobility but can offer devastating attacks.
  • Dual Blades allow players to overwhelm monsters with a flurry of rapid attacks.
  • Long Sword allows extended combos.

Moster Hunter World will launch for PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One in 2018. Have you decided what kind of weaponry you will use to take down giant monsters?

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