Monster Prom Coming To Nintendo Switch

monster prom nintendo switch

Monster Prom, the monstrous dating sim, is coming to Nintendo Switch in May.

Developed by Beautiful Glitch and available on Nintendo Switch on 21 May this kitsch dating sim challenges players to be their worst self and bag a prom date before the end of the school year. Set in a traditional Monster High full of werewolves and succubus, Monster Prom was a hit when it arrived on PC around 2 years ago. The Nintendo Switch adventure brings all the kooky cartoon scares that players have come to expect from Monster Prom’s off the wall teenage hormones in one package. Monster Prom XXL includes both the Second Term downloadable content pack, as well as all the seasonal content released throughout the game’s lifespan. So no matter whether you want to date the ruler of the dark realms or you’ve got the horns for Damien then you have that option.

For those of you that missed class registration first time around, Monster Prom is a visual novel style dating sim where players must grab a date before prom, but this is hardly Dawson’s Creek. Instead, the regular water cooler moments and cafeteria hijinks all revolve around teenage monsters. Mixing a cool visual style with over 1000 funny and absurd situations, it allows up to 4 players to compete for the hottest prom date around, and not the one covered in hellfire.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch Announcement, the 2 year launch anniversary brings a substantial discount for PC players. Anybody who didn’t grab this charming adventure already can get it for 60% off. That’s just a couple of quid for the base game alone. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on taking your date on the go then head over to the Nintendo eShop to pre purchase Monster Prom: XXL on Nintendo Switch for $15.99 before you frighten away all the competition.


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