Monster Train Beta Code Giveaway

Jump onboard our Monster Train beta code giveaway and take a seat for some hellishly good deck building action thanks to Good Shepherd Ent.

That’s right we’re giving you access to the Monster Train beta that opened moments ago. If you love deck building games like Slay the Spire then Monster Train is bound to set you on the right track. Developed by Shiny Shoe, this strategic deck builder finds Hell frozen over. What’s even worse, the forces of heaven have decided this is a perfect time to invade the lower echelons of the underworld. It is up to players to take on this roguelike campaign, drawing from over 200 cards and defending three lanes from angel incursions.

Featuring five different clans, a range of spells, minions, 88 artifacts, and a clutch of upgrades for the cards players can pick a number of routes through hell as they set out to rekindle the fire that has gone out. As monsters make their way through Hell, they will visit several special locations, picking up different benefits and buffs. With a huge range of cards to build upon and such a wide variety of enhancements, it is unlikely that your time in this beta will get boring.

Get On Track

The Monster Train beta code giveaway is open now and you can grab a key from the giveaway below. Just enter your email. Check your email once and once you grab a code just head over to Steam. As usual, follow the familiar key redemption instructions in the Steam Client. The test runs form NOW until Thursday, March 19 at 10am PT. Keys are first come first served so be quick and get ready for a big hairy adventure.

If the test impresses then you can find out more about Monster Train or add it to your wishlist on the official Steam Store page before it arrives on PC in Q2 2020.



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