Moonglow Bay Is Out Now And Fixes Are Incoming

moonglow bay

Moonglow Bay, the island getaway from Coatsink, is out now and players facing problems can rest assured fixes are incoming.

If you fancy a getaway, but the idea of an island holiday means a rainy day off the Irish Sea, then Moonglow bay has you covered. This new slice of life adventure from Caotsink and Bunnyhug Games is out now and ready for players to get away from the stresses and strains of the big city. Featuring a gorgeous voxel art aesthetic and a whole heap of content to explore, this new adventure invites players to relocate to Moonglow Bay, an island on the verge of bankruptcy. It’ll be up to you to work together with friends, family, and neighbors in this new life to hone your fishing skills, nourish relationships, and restore a remote town’s fractured community. While you’re busy bobbing about on the sea, you’ll learn to fish, cook, and find your way in this new world. With over 100 varied species to land and plenty of new residents to meet and attract to a rebirthed Moonglow Bay, this magical little cove seems like the perfect escape.

Like any major life change, moving to Moonglow Bay hasn’t been all easy sailing for all players. The launch of this fishing extravaganza hit some choppy waters on 26 October. While most of the player base appears to adore the town of Moonglow Bay, it seems some bugs are impacting the experience. Coatsink and Bunnyhug Games have taken to social channels to confirm that players impacted by trouble like stuck harpoons will get fixes sometime soon.

The team behind the bay confirmed that a patch is already in testing and should hit Steam next week and players looking to hold off until the Epic Store launch on 11 November will see all the game’s fixes from day one. So, if you’re holding out until the waters clear a little in moonglow Bay, there shouldn’t be much longer before you can cast off.

Find out more about Moonglow bay over on the official website now.

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