Moonlight Sculptor Has More Than 1 Million Downloads Since Launch

Moonlight Sculptor Has More Than 1 Million Downloads

Moonlight Sculptor has managed more than 1 million downloads since this new mobile MMORPG from hit app stores last month, and players are getting free loot to celebrate.

Available now on iOS and Android storefronts, Moonlight Sculptor is the latest title to hit the mobile MMORPG market, but it’s seemingly done some serious numbers in just under a month of activity. Thanks to the know-how of Kakao and Xl Games, who already have plenty of experience with Black Desert Online and Archeage, this open-world on the go adventure has hit #1 on Google Play in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, #2 in the Philippines, and #5 in the United States. On the Apple App Store, it got as far as #1 in Singapore, while reaching #2 in Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines. Thankfully that means there’s something for you to celebrate too.

Celebration Events & New Content

To celebrate, Moonlight Sculptor has kicked off a new event for players. Anybody logging in will receive a bunch of rewards throughout this event. Starting June 8, players will receive 200,000 Gold, Radiant Goddess’s Blessing (7 Days), Gold Increase Elixir (7 Days), Item Acquisition Rate Increase Elixir (7 Days), Premium Buddy Feed (7 Days), Versa’s Grace (1 Hour) x5, Superior HP/MP Recovery Potion x200, Hogan’s Armor Chest (Event), and Hogan’s Accessory Chest (Event).
For 10 days after the June 8th maintenance, there will be another reward given out daily to players who log in consecutively to claim these items. These include Precious Lunarium Chest x5, Blessed Weapon Enchant Scroll x3, Enchant Protectant x15, Blessed Weapon Enchant Scroll x6, Gold x200,000, Enchant Scroll Chest x10, Intermediate Option Stone Chest x3, Advanced Enrage Elixir x30, Precious Lunarium Chest x5, and Mysterious Buddy Egg x1. During this time, there’s also an added bunch of gold and item drop boosts, perfect for powering your way through the levels into endgame.

Once at endgame, there should be plenty to do with some brand new additions. XL and Kakao have added new Guild Hideouts, essentially Guild Halls, that offer benefits buffs and some fancy furniture to decorate with. There’s also a new dungeon, named the Mirkhan Tower, which features 150 floors of difficulty and loot for the most skilled players.

If you missed the launch and want to use this opportunity to get up to speed then you can head over to the official website to find out more about this fairytale-like mobile MMO that feels like it might have jumped straight out of the 3DS and onto your iPhone.

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