Moons of Madness said to be Lovecraft in space

Moons of Madness

If you’re looking for some thrills and chills as Halloween approaches, you may want to check out Funcom’s Moons of Madness. The game sends players into the dark and eery environments of space where players will encounter strange sounds and creatures.

Players take on the role of Shane Newehart, the chief engineer of a research facility on Mars and over 140 million miles away from home. Gameplay centers on keeping the facility running, though players quickly realize they may be in over their heads. “You’re quickly going to have to rely on your calm, your problem-solving skills and your ability to outrun terrifying creatures, as you delve deeper and deeper into a world of fear, conspiracy, and madness.”

There are ties to one of Funcom’s other IPs, The Secret World, where conspiracy theories and other dark secrets are the norm. For those who have played TSW, there will be callbacks to certain names and themes. However, knowledge of TSW isn’t necessary to enjoy the game.

Moons of Madness is currently available for PC via Steam for $24.99. Preorders are also opening today for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The console version will be released on January 21st for $29.99. Check out the Steam page to learn more.

More about the Moons of Madness story

A mysterious signal has been recorded coming from the red planet.

The message confounded Orochi scientists. Their analysts broke it down and determined it was of intelligent origin. Orochi management immediately concluded that the discovery was too sensitive for public knowledge and moved to keep it hidden. In secret, the corporation began construction of Trailblazer Alpha, a state-of-the-art Mars research outpost designed to identify the true nature of the message.

You are Shane Newehart, an engineer stationed at Trailblazer Alpha and your security clearance means you are completely unaware of the existence of the mysterious signal. Your job is simply to keep the lights on until the transport ship Cyrano arrives bringing with it a new team to take over your duties.

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