Mordhau – CBT & Release Date Postponed

If shooting or exploding your opponent is not quite your cup of tea, how about slicing off their head in a swordfight?  Triternion’s Mordhau would let you do that and so much more in open battles that feature up to 64 players with horses, siege engines and even castles to clash for.

The developers planned for CBT to occur during January with the subsequent release hitting in March. However, the game’s site has been updated with the message from the team in which they announce that the Beta and Release dates will have to be moved further into 2018.

Work continues on Mordhau and we’re making good progress towards beta and release, but unfortunately we’re not quite there yet. We do not intend to rush things, but since we promised early access to Beta backers by January, we are letting the Beta backers into the melee-focused Mordhau Alpha. If you are a beta backer, you will receive an email from us shortly with instructions on how to get your Steam key. Our actual Beta and Release dates will unfortunately have to shift a bit further into 2018 to make sure we can deliver content with an adequate attention to detail and polish. We will keep you updated on the matter!

We are also releasing some of the backer rewards that can now be claimed, and we have also begun collecting input for the personalized rewards. For those of you who backed at the corresponding tiers, you will see your rewards listed in the account tab on our website, and you will be able to fill out the input for personalized rewards there as well.

You can find out more about the game through Steam or official site. Players can look forward to large open multiplayer battles set in a realistic gorgeous medieval setting that features castle sieges and mounted combat. The developers promise expressive controls, real-time collision detection, believable fights with lots of gore and much more.

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