Mordhau Lets You Remove Your Opponent’s Head During Medieval Combat


Mordhau is a KickStarter project that wants to provide “fun” medieval combat. A new trailer shines the spotlight on three different maps and that include lots of gory fights.

What is Mordhau?

Currently, the game is sitting on KickStarter and it has passed its $80,000 initial funding. Fans have pledged over $225,000 with four days yet to go.

Considered a “multiplayer medieval fighting game”, features include:

  • duels
  • 64-player battles
  • mounted combat
  • siege engines
  • castles to attack
  • built on Unreal 4
  • combo attacks that include kicks, feints, counter-attacks
  • 240 different angles for slicing and dicing actions
  • real-time collision
  • from the promo materials: Gore. Lots of gore.

The trailer shows shows off tons of weapons including pole arms, swords, axes. Each weapon comes with different ways to block and attack so players will needs to pick carefully.

Combat is very bloody with each of those 240 angles providing gushing sprays of blood. You can even lop off your enemy’s head as you’ll see in the video.

If you’d like to know more, check out the KickStarter page.

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