More Doom Eternal E3 Gameplay and Release Date

More Doom Eternal E3 footage hit the internet today. As Bethesda’s E3 press conference blasted onto screens, so did another 4 minutes of hell and a Doom Eternal release date.

Unveiled as part of Bethesda’s E3 press conference, the Doom Eternal segment of this yearly update gave us another glimpse of the return to Hell on Earth. Following on from the 2016 Doom, Doom Eternal follows the Doom Slayer as hell on Earth occurs. Returning to the less than blue planet, it is up to players to slay their way through a whole host of hellspawn and drive back the invasion of Earth.

Introduced by developers Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, they described Doom Eternal as “the ultimate power fantasy”, where Earth is on the edge of destruction. The brand new trailer follows the descent of Doom Guy onto a barren land and a distinctly different backdrop from previous official updates. Instead of crumbling skyscrapers, we find gothic architecture and desolate geology that act as a somber backdrop to some colorful action. As expected, this Doom Eternal E3 gameplay also gives a glimpse of the ridiculous array of weapons on show including the shotgun and what looks like a range of plasma weapons. You can check out the action in the multiplayer battlemode teaser below.

As we already reported, it also seems Mick Gordon is back with some crushing metal riffs in this trailer. While we didn’t get a lot more than a trailer I still suspect the hype train for Doom Eternal isn’t slowing down. If you are interested in joining the Doom Slayer after E3 is over, you’ll have to wait until 22 November to join us all in Hell, when Doom Eternal launches. Until then you can check out more about Doom Eternal at the official website or keep your eyes peeled here on Gamespace for more E3 updates.

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