More GTA VI Speculation Emerges – But Is There Plenty of Life Left in V?


With its compelling storylines, gripping action, and a great cast of characters, Grand Theft Auto is undoubtedly one of the most iconic video gaming franchises of all time. Anticipation for GTA VI has been building for some time about the potential release of a sixth entry in the series and now fresh reports have revealed what some gamers think is a key clue as to when it could be arriving.

New speculation

Sites including have reported in recent weeks on something that the Twitter user GTAVINewz spotted within GTA V, with some now wondering whether the information links to the release of the next game.

Doors found at Los Santos International Airport within the game apparently feature the numbers 2013, 2014, and 2021. While the first two are believed to relate to when GTA V was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively, some now believe that the reference to 2021 means one thing – a new game is coming next year.


While the idea that the launch date of the next title was in front of us all along within GTA V is clearly intriguing, at this point it is of course pure speculation. Furthermore, recent developments have even suggested that there remains little need for a new game just yet, as GTA V continues to be a huge hit across the gaming community.

V’s enduring popularity

It may have been first released back in 2013 and proclaimed by Marketwatch in 2018 as the most financially successful media title ever made, but GTA V continues to thrive in the gaming world at the moment.

Clear evidence of this was provided last year with the launch of the Diamond Casino and Resort update on GTA Online. Casino gaming in general is very popular at present, with outlining how global online casino revenues reached around $50 billion in 2018. The Diamond Casino update seemed to tap into such interest by offering access to a range of games, as well as new storylines. The end result? The Hollywood Reporter stated in August that the update generated GTA Online’s biggest player numbers since its launch.

Another big sign that there is plenty of life left in GTA V has emerged in more recent weeks. In the middle of May, Epic Games confirmed it was giving the PC version of the game away for free for a limited period. As Kotaku outlines, the move appeared to cause problems for the Epic Games store, while Rockstar also went on to face issues due to “extremely high player volumes”.

No need to rush?

Such developments seem incredible, particularly considering that GTA V has now been around for seven years. However, with the game still doing so well, it does make you wonder whether Rockstar might just take their time with the release of the next title in the series.

After all, you can rest assured that the hype will go through the roof when GTA VI does eventually land.

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