Morphies Law: Remoprhed Drops A Massive Fart on Switch and PC

Indie developer Cosmoscope has let rip, bringing Morphies Law: Remoprhed to Steam. This brand new mass-based shooter is also getting an overhaul on the Nintendo Switch too.

A Strange Smell

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to think. Bear in mind I’ve reviewed some NSFW and unusual stuff here on Gamespace and the Fartnight trailer for Morphies Law is definitely one of those double-take moments. Unveiled on steam, Morphies Law is a different sort of shooter that plunges players into a world full of oddly shaped robots all with explosive intent. Players who pick up Morphies Law on Steam or grab the new Nintendo Switch update can construct a unique Morphie to take into battle. Chose from a range of options and 8 different body parts. Plug and play is something all its own here, when each component of your body can get its own plugin enhancement.

Four distinct game modes await complete Morphies. Each of these mass-based game modes has its own goals and a range of strategies to succeed but mass matters most. Despite the option to unlock an arsenal of weapon parts and plug them together and build up to 77 different weapons of carnage. Did we also mention the Butt Rocket?

If it hasn’t become abundantly clear by now, while Morphies Law: Remoprhed is a shooter, it’s far from the normal Epic Games clone and it’s about to get even more manic. The revamp of the title brings a huge upgrade with dedicated servers and the addition of crossplay between the Steam and Switch version. Now over 50,000 concurrent players will fill player hubs across the world, and you’ll even be able to play a musical instrument between matches.

This isn’t the oddest part of this news. If you aren’t sure that Morphies Law: Remoprhed is for you then the new Fartnight demo lets players decide for themselves. Jump into the demo and after 30 minutes of uninterrupted play, your music will be replaced with fart noises. In demo mode, this means tokens can be purchased that restore the original sounds and other features until every feature in the full game is available. Don’t need offline play? Skip it. Like the fart sounds? Keep on sulfuring!

Morphies Law: Remoprhed is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch players can pick up the Remoprhed update for free.



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