Soulslike Mortal Shell Receives a Demo Thanks to Popular Demand

Mortal Shell

Last week, the developers of Mortal Shell, an upcoming soulslike ARPG, hosted a small closed beta though streamers were allowed to show off gameplay during the event. The streams were so popular that Cold Symmetry decided to open up the mayhem to everyone. From now for the foreseeable future, everyone who wishes to check out the game can do so by heading to the Epic Games Store to download the demo “and start honing their skills for when it makes its official debut later this summer”.

The demo allows players about an hour’s gameplay and allows them to possess both Harros and Tiel. Players can explore their combat without worrying about spoiling the story. Developers have opted to cordon off much of the open-world around the town of Fallgrim and have disabled any possible spoilers as they wanted “to keep the story a secret for just a little longer”.

The game is not for the faint-hearted. “It is vindictive design, assembled with spite. It will take the best among you around an hour to complete it. For everyone else, expect your progress to be much slower.” the dev team wrote.

Check out the Mortal Shell Epic Games Store page to learn more.

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