Most Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2022

2022 Video Game Releases

We can all agree that 2022 is arranged to entertain us, from movies, music to really exciting video games. We patiently waited for the year to come, and it is finally here. The gaming calendar is filled with really amazing features. Some of these highly anticipated games are sequels to games we already know, thus bringing nostalgia. For example, GOW is a sequel to the beloved GOW. Some are reinventions, like in the case of the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Trailers have shown us that we are up for a fascinating year.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

It’s been over a decade since the first version of Mario Strikers was published. But luckily, Nintendo Direct has been packed with some fascinating launches, including the Mario Strikers. Plenty of new characters are introduced in the upcoming Mario Strikers in the Nintendo field version of soccer. It should be available starting from June 10, 2022, and has already drawn much attention from fans across the globe.

The teaser is built around a stylized CHG introduction and shows remarkable aspects of the game. If you have played the previous version in the series, you will know that it is a high-speed arcade version of football with items and special abilities coined by Mario Kart. It plays out like the usual soccer match, you know, but the modification is that you are encouraged to play aggressively for the win.

Extreme tackles to steal the ball are permitted. The teams are unlike the usual football team as there are only five players per team. The small pitch size further improves the offensive playstyle, and an electric field is found. When you get pushed or tackled into it, be ready to experience virtual electrocution.

Each character has a unique shot, which they can use against their opponents. Other peculiar characteristics include the Mario items like turtle shells and banana peels that can trip opponents off.

You can enjoy local multiplayer on a single switch, and you can also create clubs of up to 20 members and play worldwide matches to rank in a leaderboard. You will see boom boom, donkey kong, Luigi, Mario, Rosalina, and other Mario characters. This is a spectacular videogame, and we await its drop

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

From reviews of previous S.T.A.L.K.E.R games, the new part is somewhat indifferent and hostile towards players. This is not in terms of pain-inflicting and torturous platforming sections or unnecessarily difficult levels and enemies, but rather it has an atmosphere that forebodes dread and macabre. The atmosphere is thick with fear and generous with numerous ways to die.


The gameplay trailer takes a cold but inviting theme. It continues to draw you into a world filled with mysterious characteristics, from bolts being electrocuted to a baby-like creature in a tank of some sort, like the original, which places its survival tactics on rummaging irradiated kielbasa and bypassing enemy camps. This version does not deviate entirely from the original in that sense. The best part is you will find that this version maintains the original spirit of camaraderie and despairing victories in an apocalyptic hell-world.

The nuances include an extended campfire, exclusive armor and weapon skin, and the early bird multiplayer badge. It will be available on Xbox series X and S and PC. The date set for this launch is April 28

A Plague Tale: Requiem (2022)

Materialized far across the sea, where the Island calls and collects. Embark on a heartrending adventure into a sensational universe filled with supernatural forces.

After escaping their ruined homeland, Amica and Hugo travel far south to a new place and explore its spirited cities.

Asobo Studio is expected to come back with more refreshing elements as the pandemic is expected to have been a source of inspiration for such a game. The list of peculiarities might include the deep music, emphatic human relationships and incredible in-game mechanics. Maybe we should still expect the dying dogs, but we hope not. It should be available across many platforms like PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox series and Nintendo.

The Invincible (2022)

This space-themed video game has something peculiar, its eastern European bareness; it has an introverted tonality and assumes a Solaris Type Aesthetics. The teaser does not show any explosion, and you do not even hear any gunshot. A pallet of the Regis II surfaces, hinting at more damaging threats than monsters and interstellar military operatives. The Lofi tech assumes a mid-20th century retro-futurism. It is expected that this video game would carry intense philosophical revelation and present us with outstanding sceneries.

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God of War Ragnarök (2022)

How can you be a game player and not know about this classic? That would be a sin. This video game is themed around the infamous Kratos, battling a long line of demons and creatures from the underworld. The franchise assumes this exaggerated masculinity and witty obsessions on blood and gory action.

This new version is coming with twice the thrill as it brings a heart-warming story of fatherhood and loss. The question is will this videogame maintain its intensely fierce and fast nature this time around? Or will the fatherhood thing give it more subtleness?

The Xbox users will not enjoy this video game as it is meant to be available on PlayStations.

GhostWire: Tokyo (2022)


What would you do if you had exorcism powers? Well, in this game, you would be expected to dispatch a bunch of shrieking and gibbering enemies with it. This fantasy paranormal video game benefits from the creative ideas of the creator. The creator dreams of these demons and ghosts and manifests them so easily in the gameplay. We have ghosts, headless kids, faceless ghosts, ghosts with sharp pointy fangs, ghosts floating around with black hair and so on, quite imaginative, right?

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Stray (2022)

Stray allows us the luxury of petting kitties. This third-player video game is situated in a futuristic cyberpunk city. You are meant to steer around obstacles. Our protagonist, the ginger cat, navigates through this space and immerses the gamer in a march of fun through the streets. It is unclear if an Xbox version will be made available.


Without a doubt, 2022 truly is packed with the most amazing games, spanning from the above mentioned to other video games like the legend of Zelda: breath of the wild 2, Starfield (created by Bethesda software) to horizon forbidden west, to mention a few. Some of these video games continue from where a previous version stopped, whereas some reinvent an already existing video game, and some are entirely new.

These video games are developed on flexible and creative software. They are ensured to cater to the needs of gamers when released, as you enjoy those that have dropped in January and February joyfully await subsequent drops.

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