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Video games without a doubt have created a community and for each genre that gets explored and introduced, more and more gamers flock to some of the best-released games ever to have been made! The reason for this ever-growing community is the technology that gets integrated for each milestone across the gaming genres. Back in the day we just made it through with computer games and the basic consoles. Now, we have multiple consoles to select from, eSports, mobile gaming, PC gaming, and the list goes on! For example, if you take a look at the different types of casino games you can now play, they cover nearly all the genres that get advertised and raved about. Gaming has come so far, period.

What is a video game genre?

Maybe you are new to the world of gaming and you are wondering what is a gaming genre actually all about? Well, let us tell you. A gaming genre is a category of games that group together with similar characteristics. Just as you would have book genres, for example, the same principle follows for gaming too. For example, simulation video games are ones that put players within virtual reality and mimic real life. If you play a first-person shooter game, you will be playing super hard-core battle duty gaming regimes which give you access to weaponry. Each genre has its own features that line it up with respect within the gaming community; of course, as we have our favorite types of books, we will have our favorite types of games too. Make sense?

crucible action in the arena

What are the popular game genres?


Action is one of the most popular games within the genres because they give us the adrenaline boost and physical challenges that we crave within our everyday lives. This genre vividly introduces first-person action, where the power is in your hands completely. Be it as a shooter, a warrior, etc. there are many huge game titles such as Call of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter, that allowed us to kindle our dreams with a controller within our hands. Battle-styled gaming will always take the stage as being highly anticipated and loved for entertainment, and that is always how it’s going to be. It gives us the chance to allow our imaginations to soar wildly and freely, just for those hours that we play. Call it escapism from reality.


Another huge favorite that can often intertwine with the action genre too. This will have fewer combat battle scenes, and will mainly bring to life a story and narrative that the game has tried to set for you the player. You will need to complete tasks and puzzles to keep progressing forward with the tale and adventure. Great examples of this include the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom of Hearts, which has undoubtedly given us much, much entertainment over the years as the consoles have evolved and developed.


Strategy games require you to use your mind to fill in the voids and gaps of the game that will allow you to progress forward. It can be anything from battle strategy, to building a civilization and warding off potential threats that wish to disarm all that you have built. Age of Empires is a great example of this, as you will need to focus your battle strategy on building the best fortress and empire for you and the civilians’ safety. Everything from defenses, food stores, battle and combat skills will be addressed for the long bearing future of your reign. It’s old but gold.

Old World - 4X Strategy in Epic Games Store


Racing games are as simple as that. You race against other players or the computer in aid of coming out at the top. It can be anything from car racing and Formula 1 to physical sports orientated. This competitive gameplay is loved all around the world for a reason: We get to go head-on against the computer or other players and come out reigning supreme! Who does not actually like to win for example?


The puzzle genre is less exciting in terms of storylines, as say the action genre, however, it is super intriguing as it will challenge you and your logical thinking. Puzzles within the gaming world will always want to test your response and deduction skills. Tetris made a storm when it was first released in 1984. The simplest of games was, yet you had to fit all the pieces in a uniform sense, to make sure that you clear the panel before the shapes build up at the top.

Games today keep similar concepts such as this yet of course, their graphical presentation will have come a long way and very much evolved in comparison to the standards of Tetris. Candy Crush Saga became huge, and while it’s only a bunch of sweeties in columns, the brainpower it needs to clear the grids of as many sweet combinations as possible can get almost addictive. That is the reason that most of these games really hit the top played games of the year, upon their release.


The simulation genre is very similar to real life, as they often need you to operate your virtual game life, in the same way as actual life. It can be anything from having your own business that you need to grow and invest in, to actually making your own city network that is surrounded by life and growth of urbanization. If you are not thinking sims, right here and right now, how could you not? Sims was released in the year 2000 and it created a huge wave of interest, due to the fact so many people loved how they could live their exact lives, but just an ounce better than usual.

Simulation gets super addictive as players like to see achievements, it’s visually and cognitively stimulating, to think you have managed to mimic real life and build something far more superior to your name virtually. Over 20 years down the line and Sims is still pretty big, so that definitely says something, doesn’t it?

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