Most Promising Indie Video Games 2021

Indie Video Games

Many of you have been looking for new indie games that will be released in 2021. The number of them is stunning and there are thousands of important releases that will impress you. Many of them will become available at the Epic games store but at the moment, we are focused on another thing. We are interested in the most promising titles. It was difficult to narrow down the list, but we did it.

Chinatown Detective Agency

Chinatown Detective Agency is going to be released in the summer of 2021 and it looks more than just promising. This is a click-based adventure game. What this means is that you will click on the desired item or action and complete it. The main story is simple to explain. Your mission will be to lead a successful detective agency and to solve various missions or crimes. There are a lot of variables in the game and even more puzzles. If you want to train your brain, this is the perfect game. It can be the perfect title and suitable for players who also like Kerbal Space Program.

Indie Games 1

We must point out that in 2021 many online casino games will be released as well. Some of the best slots are scheduled for this year and they are revolutionary in the lack of a better word. Of course, you will be able to play many other types of new casino games that are currently in development. Those and many other games can be played at an online casino with an FS bonus. However, finding a casino that offers this promotion can be difficult. It is best to check out the casino free spin review and to find a reputable place where you can enjoy as much as possible.


This right here is a survival horror game and it is special. It will become available in the Epic Game Store later in 2021. The game is stunning in the lack of a better word. Yes, it is scary but extremely appealing to play. The story is set in Sardinia which may be deduced from the name of the game. The year is 1989 and people have been missing on a yearly basis in this place for a long period of time. Your mission is to discover why this is happening and how you can prevent it. The art and the style of the game are both stunning and one of a kind. Thanks to these, the game is a joy to play and enjoy in the graphics. There was no a similar development for ages.

She Dreams Elsewhere

She Dreams Elsewhere will also be released in 2021 and the game will be available for several platforms. You will be able to play it on Xbox series x, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Mac. As you can see, the game is located in a dream. The story, plot, and music are all focused on a bad dream. In addition, the music for this game was composed by Mimi Page. It is thrilling development that is basically a role-playing game.

Indie Games 2

It has unique and specific gameplay that cannot be explained with simple words. Let’s also add that your mission is to escape coma, nightmares and so much more. It is difficult to achieve all of these requirements but with a bit of practice, you will manage it.

Chaotic Era

Chaotic Era is a strategy game. For some players, it may be similar to casino tycoon game. However, if we take a closer look, we will see that it is a bit different. First of all, this is the black and white game, which is strange at the moment. But, this can be an advantage for some players. The mission is simple. You will control the most comprehensive AI that has a complicated mission.

The goal of the game is to lead a spaceship to the new world and repopulate it. The planet Earth isn’t able to support life anymore. There is no need to tell you that the biggest part of the gameplay is located in space so the black and white design isn’t a big problem after all. The next thing to know is that the game is complex. It has many pieces of puzzles that need to be solved and completed successfully in order to complete the game. There is no help of any kind. The Mega Corporation who designed the AI system isn’t present anymore.


Backbone is one of the most anticipated games that will be released in 2021. It has a lot to offer and in a simple way. This is a click-based adventure game. You will be in the shoes of Howard Lotor who is a raccoon by the way. The mission is to explore various situations and locations, complete missions, and solve various problems. Although all of this sounds simple and easy, in the game it isn’t. As a matter of fact, the game is one of the most complex developments.

Indie Games 3

The graphics is based on pixel art and we all know what this means. This is basically a similar style used in some cartoons. Thanks to the graphics, the game and all the main elements of it are looking special and not something you can easily see and find in other games. Keep in mind that you are a detective and you need to stay focused on the game, but you can enjoy the graphics occasionally.


If you like games such as Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion and adventurers you are going to love all of the titles present on the list. These are the best titles developed by small and not-so-small independent companies that are scheduled for release in 2021. You will need to wait a couple of months before you can play all of these games, but they are definitely worthy and deserve your full attention. Try to remember that most of them will be available on all platforms.

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