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Mount & Blade Bannerlord Dev Blog Lead Artist

TaleWorlds decided to introduce the players Mount & Blade series to the veteran of the company: the lead artist of Bannerlord Özgür Saral who has joined the firm during the development cycle of the original Mount & Blade.

I spend a large part of my day determining the priority of the necessary work and ensure that it is designed up to standard. I delegate the designed tasks to the appropriate team members and find solutions for any issues that arise for any tasks that are in progress. I make up shortages, such as with modelling and scene design etc., with any spare time I have.

Özgür Saral likes the realistic and detailed visuals that Mount & Blade 2 is able to get thanks to the new engine. He mentioned that in the early stages of Bannerlord, the team has faced a lot of problems due to the editors being rewritten and affecting workflow. Currently, he is working on particles for castles (walls, edges, towers, etc.) to ensure that all of the levels are consistent.

The current blood system works with the particle system of the game. Each particle, be it sword blows or running in the mud, can leave blood and mud-like effects by sticking onto surrounding objects.

You can find the full dev blog on the game’s Steam page. Check out the video below to know what to expect from Bannerlord!

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