Mount Every Animal & Tame the Jungle in Patch Quest

patch quest

Patch Quest is out now on Steam with a whole new way to catch ’em all.

Forget the little yellow electric animals and spherical prison cells, Path Quest is a whole new way to tame the great outdoors. Curve games and Lychee Games Lab have let Patch Quest out of the development pen and players picking up this new Roguelike-Metroidvania fusion can mount and ride every monster in the game.

“Patch Quest is a labour of love, and it’s grown into something that I couldn’t have ever imagined it would be at the start of This Journey”, said Liam of Lychee Games Lab.

Now you can experience the culmination of that work, dropping onto a one-of-a-kind roguelike, Metroidvania, monster riding bullet-hell game. Heading into the great outdoors each game, you’ll be greeted by a bright, dangerous, and unexpected mix of environments and enemies. When the local wildlife isn’t trying to kill you, you’ll be able to capture and co-opt the locals, ride them, and use their unique abilities to overcome everything that lies before you. Even better, the full launch means tons of extras, including:

  • 10 new boss battles
  • New Launch Pads let you carve fresh shortcuts
  • A final challenge sequence, with a proper ending to the game
  • A range of balance improvements and bug fixes

If you’re looking for something that seems to take the Binding of Isaac, splices it with Temtem, and spawns a superbly silly adventure, then check out the trailer above for more. Alternatively, you can load up the official Steam Store page now and grab Patch Quest at a 25% launch discount.

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