Move Or Die Update Celebrates 4 Years OF Mutually Assured Friendship

move or die

Move or Die, the fast-paced party game that is sure to ruin friendships has a new update that celebrates 4 years of gaming goodness.

Move or Die is an absurdly fast-paced, 4-player local and online party game where the mechanics change every 20 seconds. This multiplayer party game is a far from friendly affair, with a whole array of party games and mini-challenges that pit players against each other in an ever-changing set of circumstances. The latest update to this maddening title brings a ton of brand new and equally infuriating extras to your experience.

This is the final update to the live game and includes a new ‘Community Debt’ event, new trail and splatter effects, and two new characters, bringing the total selectable characters to 95, with more to come throughout the event’s duration! Furthermore, support for the game will continue to ensure that new fans and hardened veterans will still be able to enjoy the delight of crushing friendships for years to come. The full features are detailed below:

  • The Community Debt – A new Graduation themed event to replace the old and rusty Daily Challenge. Earn your daily income, then spend it towards the global community goal. Trust us, the benefits are very much worth it. Just like in real life.
  • 2 New Characters – Greysan and Hans join the ranks of Move or Die graduates, as part of a new series of unlockable rewards, bringing the total number of Move or Die playable characters to 95.
  • Other Exclusive Timed Unlocks – New additional unlockables, including emote packs, splatters, confetti and trails available in this update.
  • Continuous support – Maintaining and reiterating upon the new community challenge mechanic, so new content will be added to the progress bar in the near future.

Move or Die 4th Anniversary update comes for free and the base game is available on PC via the Humble Store and Steam right now. Go on, grab some friends on local LAN, online, split-screen, or just go solo against the AI as you break out some cartoon competition on this fast-paced party game now.

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