Multiplayer races into Mario Kart Tour on March 8th

Mario Kart Tour

Beginning March 8th, Mario Kart Tour players will be able to take part in multiplayer races when the free update launches at 8:00 pm Pacific / 11:00 pm Eastern. Both iOS and Android players will be able to take part in real-time multiplayer “where they can race neck-and-neck against friends and other MKT players nearby or online”.

Standard Races allow players to take part in races that include an ever-changing set of in-game rules. Each day, the rules of the races will alter “meaning the excitement never ends”. In addition, players can opt to choose their own rules in races against nearby opponents or others from any corner of the globe.

Gold Races will be available to Gold Pass subscribers. These allow players to race at faster speeds and take advantage of advanced kart maneuvers in order to take home first prize.

Check out the Mario Kart Tour official site to learn more.

About Mario Kart Tour

In MKT, smartphone owners get to enjoy the thrill of racing while also collecting drivers from throughout Nintendo’s rich history of characters, like Mario, Donkey Kong, Peach, and Yoshi, as well as a range of sleek karts and gleeful gliders. Players can choose which drivers, karts and gliders to use in high-speed races across a variety of colorful courses, including new spins on classic tracks, and limited-time new courses highlighting well-known cities from around the world, as well as seasonal events, holidays and special themes. In addition to courses based on these iconic locales and themes, during each event players also have the opportunity to obtain unique variations of drivers, karts and gliders inspired by that event.

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