Multiplayer Tech Test Not Incoming for Mass Effect Andromeda

Tech Test

It seems Bioware is curbing earlier promises that there would be a multiplayer tech test for ME:Andromeda. It seems that there simply isn’t enough time to do so. Bioware producer Fernando Melo did say that the game had been tested “on retail consoles”.

Let’s hope so!

No Real Reason for Lack of Tech Test

While Melo went on record saying that MEA multiplayer had been tested extensively, no really compelling reason was given for the cancellation.

Here’s what he had to say:

While it’s disappointing we won’t get hands on impressions of multiplayer, there is still some good news. PAX East fans will be able to try it out in addition to EA/Origin Access members having at it nearly a week ahead of launch.

Lastly, and probably to put balm on tender feelings, Melo showed the multiplayer character select screen. As with Mass Effect 3, players will be able to choose any one of several playable races.

Good news indeed!

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