Murderous Pursuits Comes To Mobiles

murderous pursuits mobile

Murderous Pursuits, the stealth strategy murder party game is now slashing it’s way onto mobile devices thanks to Netease.

Originally developed by Glasgow based Blazing Griffin, and launched on PC back in 2018, Murderous pUrsuits is a kill or be killed victorian stealth em up where players must hunt and kill their victim before another hunter does the same to you. Of course, anybody looking for bloody success will need to do all this while remaining entirely undetected by other players. Now Netease, the same publisher that launched EvE Echoes into orbit, is transplanting this fun-filled multiplayer to the small screen.

There’s Been A Murrrrder

If you’re one of the 2.4 million players who grabbed the game on PC then Murderous Pursuits still retains the same core gameplay you will be used to. Acting on behalf of the mysterious Mr. X, you’ll attend a party aboard the great ship Britannic and eliminate your targets. While you sneak through the corridors, you and your quarry can disguise themselves as NPCs across solo and team modes takedowns. This includes a number of new game modes, added for mobile, such as Stronghold Assault and Spy Vs Assasin.

“It’s great to be working with NetEase and to see our IP taken to another level. At Blazing Griffin we look at IP development from a long-term world-building perspective to take advantage of these opportunities to expand our products beyond a single title or market,” said Justin Alae-Carew, Head of Games, Blazing Griffin.”Through our partnership with NetEase, from our humble home in Glasgow we can reach a global audience across multiple platforms.”

With the core gameplay and plenty of Spy vs Spy inspired action, Murderous Pursuits is available worldwide, right now. You can grab it on mobile via the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Now, I just need to see if anybody’s taken the username “Jim Taggart”.

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