Must Dash Amigos Rushes Onto PC Now

must dash amigos

Must Dash Amigos is out the starting gate and away. Grab your racing gear, don your best sombrero, and get ready to beat your friends in a loco battle racer, out now.

We first reported on Must Dash Amigos quite recently and the game piqued our interest. Drawing on the wave of recent battle racers, it takes the foundation of Mario Kart 8 or Crash Team Racing and mixes it with a uniquely odd angle that you might have tasted in something like Guacamelee. In this race to the finish players will have to avoid a number of themed obstacles from piñata stampedes to dangerous avocadoes and, of course, other players.

Taking place across a range of 12 different tracks and 8 battle arenas, competitors in this indie adventure can take on a range of challenges, individual races, time trials, battle brawls, and championship tournaments.  You’ll be able to blast your way through any opposition with an arsenal of weapons. Pick up the Invincibull mount and Gwack-a-Mole Mallet in race mode or switch things up with the single-player challenge mode, which looks like a particularly manic series of trials.

Double Trouble
Guide two amigos at once around the racetrack with a single controller! You must get both of your amigos safely around a single lap before the time runs out.

Danger Dodger
Hot on your heels from the get-go is the dreaded Evil Stampede! If it catches you then you’re toast! So run fast and complete a lap of the racetrack before that happens.

Master Catcher
Only the speediest of amigos will be worthy of this challenge. Catch the Mystical Piñata (which, doesn’t want to be caught by the way) before the time runs out!

Like any good battle racer, you can even beat your friends. Couch based multiplayer is available for anybody ready to watch their opponents wrecked under the hooves of a wild piñata or simply win fair and square.

While this is miniBeastGames first title, the team behind it don’t seem to have anything to worry about. You can get on board the chaos over on Steam. Xbox One owners only have to hold on the grid until 7 August and Nintendo Switch gamers can get off the grid in Q4 2019. If you want to check out more about this colorful entry in the racing scene, head over to the official website for more details.

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