Mutant Football League Lands in the Endzone – See It at GDC

Mutant Football League

If you remember 1993’s Mutant League Football, you’ll be happy to hear that Mutant Football League is coming soon! You could say that MFL is the “spiritual successor” to the Sega Genesis classic.

Digital Dreams is preparing the game for October 2017 and you’ll be able to back the game through KickStarter. You can be part of the effort to raise $85,000 to get the game to the end zone. SCORE!

Mutant Football League Features

You’ll find a lot to like in MFL including Tim Kitzrow, a veteran of NBA Jam. You know, “BOOMSHAKALAKA!” and “HE’S ON FIIIIIRE!”

In addition, you’ll get a chance to blenderize monsters, mayhem and old fashioned team sports. You can strap on brass knuckles, steel toed boots and take your friends on both offline and online. Sounds like a BLOODY good time!

Check out the official site to learn more.

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