My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge Goes Bananas This August

Prepare your mobile phones for some fruity payback when developer Deadtoast bring My Fried Pedro: Ripe For Revenge to mobiles on 5 August.

Due to land on both iOS and Android handhelds, this new mission in the My Friend Pedro head cannon was announced by developer Deadtoast and publisher Devolver Digital earlier today. The newest off the wall job from this pear, yes I made a fruit pun, is a split from the established gameplay of the 2019 original My Friend Pedro.

Rather than take control of  a high definition human with a fruity subconscious and a non stop reign of bullets, this time you’ll slip into a new type of skin. With a slightly more cartoon calibre of visuals, the this new run and gun looks distinct form its predecessor, even if the basic principle of stylish decapitation is largely the same. After some evil actors kidnap our hero’s family, it’s up to players to help Pedro to serve up some serious revenge. Over the course of several scenarios, players picking up this adventure will plan and execute flips and firefights, but this time it seems there’s a little more planning between headshots. Stretched out across dozens of action packed levels, you’ll get by on foot, motorcycle and a skateboard with some seriously high calibre attacks and an ability to slow down  time as you swipe and move at a range of speeds. Also, did we mention that the family your trying to save are bananas. I mean, they are actual bananas.

If you’re ready to see My Friend Pedro from a very different perspective and find out if things could actually get any more odd, then put a banana in the chamber and pre register on the official website  to create some free to play carnage over on the official website now. If you’re not sure why we’re so excited then you might want to check out our review of the original before shooting into this new adventure.

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