My Friend Pedro Takes Aim At PS4 Next Week

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My Friend Pedro, the outrageous killing spree from Devolver Digital, is coming to the PlayStation 4 next week.

The rather fruity side-scrolling slaughter fest that is My Friend Pedro received an outstanding score from us when it originally blew through PC storefronts last year. Now, the 2D shooter has finished with PC and Nintendo Switch, it’s time to take out the Playstation 4 and it arrives on 2 April. This title will be available digitally via the Playstation Store but we haven’t seen any details on a physical copy yet. PlayStation 4 owners will get some added extras for their patience too. Additional Code Yellow content will come with the base purchase, adding 14 game modifiers, a hidden HUD, speedrunning options, and even more.

What The Hell?

For those of you that didn’t catch My Friend Pedro between Devolver’s flurry of games last year, which includes Katana Zero, Gato Roboto, and Ape Out then I would suggest you stop what you’re doing grab your fruit bowl and go get it. Playing as a merc who maybe took one too many knocks on the head, players spend the entirety of My Friend Pedro running and gunning gangsters while still managing to talk to an imaginary banana. Sitting somewhere between Deadpool, the Matrix, and a b class gangster script Pedro is packed full of awesome acrobatics, time bending combat, and gallons of blood. This is an utter joy to behold and just as silly as it sounds.

Developer DeadToast and Devolver have dropped a My Friend Pedro PS4 trailer ahead of the release, and you can check out the madness above. If you like fun and overwhelming firepower then head over to the official Playstation Blog or Pedro’s own website to find out more about this bonkers experience.


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