My Hero One’s Justice 2 Gets Even More Supers

my hero's one justice 2

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is about to get a brand new band of superheroes. Nejire Hado and Tamaki Amajiki are set to join the action as playable characters.

Publisher Bandai Namco just announced that two of My Hero Academia’s “The Big 3” are about to leap onto the roster in a single bound. The newest additions to the new My Hero Academia brawler are considered two of the most powerful heroes in the student body of this series. Nejire Hado possesses a unique capability to convert her vitality into energy. This is released from her hands and feet as powerful blast waves that can easily overcome almost all opponents that she comes across. In fact, she is able to overpower most top tier villains on her own.

Missing In Action

Tamaki Amajiki has an even more distinctive quirk. his power allows him to manifest the characteristics of things that he eats, as long as they are still in his system. This provides a huge amount of variation in his combat mechanics that are certainly going to be interesting to see on screen.

Only one of The Big Three is missing in this news. Mirio Togata, the missing partner, has already been confirmed by Bandai and it’s understandable why. Mirio is a natural superhero, yet his superhuman strength and deductive abilities don’t make him quite as interesting a target as the rest of the threesome. For those not aware, The Big Three are a trio of senior school students training to be superheroes. Enhanced with particular quirks, these three were almost washouts until they stuck to their training and rose the ranks of academia to become the hottest property in Super selection.

My Heo One’s Justice 2 is the follow up to the first My Hero title that launched across PC and console back in 2018. The follow up does not have a set release date yet but should save us all sometime around 2020. It is just one of many incredible looking anime-inspired titles that Bandai has released over the past few years and marks a mighty move on form the first My hero title. If you are a fan of My Hero Academia and loved Dragon Ball Figtherz or Jump Force then this might be worth a look. Head over to the official website for more information on game before it lands on Pc, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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