My Talking Tom Friends Opens Android Pre-Registrations

my talking tom friends pre-registration

My Talking Tom Friends, the upcoming virtual pet app from Outfit7 just let the leash go on Android pre-registrations.

Outfit7 just announced that pre registrations have opened on the latest virtual pet title from the Talking Tom series of mobile titles. My Talking Tom Friends is due to arrive on iOS and Android on 12 June and the latest title will give players the opportunity to play with all of the Talking Tom and Friends characters – at the same time!

Players that haven’t played the Talking Tom series will find a host of cute characters, pulled from My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank, and others all living together under one roof. You’ll need to take care of these cute critters, fee them, bathe them, and play a range of fun mini games to keep them amused. Each of the available pets will level up as you interact with them and craft a unique world for your virtual zoo to enjoy.

“We wanted to give fans the perfect blend of caring for their favorite characters and having amazing experiences with them. And where the line between “you” and “them” disappears as you get drawn into the bright, vivid world of games, fun, and friendship. From the great results and millions of downloads in the soft launch phase, I think we can confidently say we achieved all that.”

With a ton of customization available for all the Talking Tom characters, their house, and owners to indulge in, My Talking Tom Friends certainly should provide something new for fans of the series and newcomers with an interest int eh virtual pet genre. If you’re interested in a title that sells itself as the most advanced game of its kind then head over to the Google Play Store for early pre-registration and keep an eye on the Apple App Store for iOS updates on My Taling Tom Friends.

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