MyCareer unveiled for WWE 2K18, this year brings free roaming

Become the heel or the hero?
Mycareer WWE 2k18

Yep, much like the anticipated NBA 2K18’s Neighborhood, WWE 2K18 is adding a free-roaming mode backstage between matches. 2K has also added improved Promos, better Invasions from your friends, new branching story and progression options, and more. Read below for details.

From the 2K Blog:
Free-Roaming Backstage

This is something fans have wanted for a while, and it’s something we have wanted to do for a while as well. With a MyCAREER laced with storylines that involve both in-ring and out-of-ring action, it made sense to bring a free-roaming backstage into MyCAREER.

We wanted MyCAREER to be experiential this year. We wanted players to spend more time interacting with WWE Superstars and supporting personnel to better experience all their unique personalities. Rather than looking at menus to determine who you should align with or who you want to make your rival, you can simply go talk to them or ambush them backstage. Want an interview with Renee Young? Simply go up to her and ask for an interview. Don’t like the WWE Superstar she’s interviewing? Go up to him during live TV and interrupt that interview.

There will be no shortage of personalities backstage, from WWE Superstars and Legends to GMs, apparel tailors and more. Sometimes the interactions will also present side quests that are separate from the main storylines. Think of them as mini-stories that aren’t as involved or crucial to your Road to WrestleMania. For example, some WWE Superstars might ask you to ambush a rival or go toe to toe with them in a promo.

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