Mystery Comes to the Fjords in Draugen


Visceral combat and epic monsters might litter my screen most days but sometimes it’s good to have a change of scenery. If you follow Red Thread Games out to the Fjords, however, you might be in for more than a peaceful stroll along the water’s edge as Draugen arrives on PC this month.

Launching on May 29, Draugen is an unnerving noir mystery, set in an idyllic northern landscape. As Edward Charles Harden and his young ward Lissie make their way up to the Fjords, it soon becomes clear that something is not right. Soon these companions are embroiled in a story full of mystery and suspense that surrounds a forsaken community, a family torn apart by secrets, and a man haunted by his own past. Dip a toe into this haunting adventure with the latest trailer, below, which focuses on Edward and Lissie’s relationship.

Draugen looks like it could worth a look, coming from the same studio that brought us Dreamfall Chapters, a tale of science and magic that spanned both worlds. With this behind them, the Norwegian developers are ready to keep players on the edge of their chairs, be it a fold down or a thousand dollar precision instrument. Draugen is available to pre-order on GoG and Steam. You can also find out more about the game on the official Draugen website.

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