Mythgard Open Beta Launches Today!

Mythgard, a brand new Collectable Card Game from Rhino Games, launches Open Beta testing today. Get ready to bring fantasy card games into the modern era but not in the way that you might expect.

Coming to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS Mythgard isn’t just another bland card game from another massive IP. Mythgard comes from the minds of a small group of industry veterans working out of San Francisco and looking to change things up. This online CCG is intended to bring together the depth of Magic the Gathering with the pick up and play appeal of Hearthstone.

Myths and Mobile Phones

While this new adventure features all the obvious play options for a strategic CCG, it breaks the narrative mold somewhat. Set against a modern backdrop, players will find that they encounter their dreams and nightmares while a mythical world intersects their everyday routine. A rich world of planes, trains, and dragons prevails. Minor Gods go for a coffee and Valkyries ride motorbikes in a title where fictional doesn’t seem quite so fantastic.

Alongside these features come the normal additions for any great card game, including over 400 playing cards, each with their own gorgeous artwork. If taking on an imp during the mid-morning commute seems a bit much without coffee then the title provides the option to bring a friend. Along with the single-player campaign, PvP has a 1v1 and 2v2 mode so you can bring some moral support. For those with an even bigger friend pool, game social features should help. Spectator mode, replay, and a Mythgard Twitch extension for streamers provide a place for people to view the very best of the community in action.

With plenty on offer, it’s worth taking a look at Rhino Games’ trailer for this twisted fairytale. Players eager to try out the Mythgard Beta can find it on the Steam store, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store later today. Once you jump in you can even cross save using a web browser, Steam, iOS, and Android. Check out more about the world of Mythgard and its inhabitants on the official website now.


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