Mythic Legends Getting Started & Tips To Get Ahead

Mythic Legends Getting Started & Tips To Get Ahead

Mythic Upgrade everything

Mythic Legends is something of a play on traditional deck builders, creating a team from your roster of in game heroes. Your roster of troops in this grid-based battle is filed out by pulling cards from RNG backed reward chests. This means you’ll end up with a ton of spares. This is no sticker book collection, so you won’t be able to trade them or craft them into something else. Instead, these doubles are part of the game’s core progression system. Levelling up requires more and more spare cards, a little gold, and a couple of clicks. To upgrade your characters, head into the main menu and look for the characters with a green icon, then simply click through.

You can upgrade your Champions and your Legend, the big character at the top. Both have a different impact. While standard progression models make people more powerful, upgrading a Legend allows you to fit more on the battlefield. In the opening moments of Mythic Legends, this can make a huge difference.

Get To Know Synergies


mythic legends combat screenshot

Mythic Legends has a few added bonuses that aren’t immediately obvious. The troops, known as Champions, that you pop on the battlefield fall into class and origin archetypes. When you have more than two or a particular type of Champion in play they create a Synergy. This is a buff or bonus that they receive. You really want to use 3 or more of a matching type to start feeling the effect, and you’ll see the links as a thread between these troops and on the right hand side of the arena. In the screenshot above, you can see a whole bunch of Knights banded together and represented by a bright blue series of dots beside a crown icon, while down below they are threaded together during troop placement.

Pick Your Place


moving champions in mythic legends

We already know Champions come in several class types, so this means they each excel in different disputations. Plenty of melee tanks will want to go in first to soak up damage, but with enemy assassins on the prowl and ranged attackers you might want to consider where you put everyone else. A Great example is ranged DPS. While archers might naturally sit at the back of the battlefield, putting squishy DPS behind tanks and spreading them out helps reduce the impact of a single lucky AOE attack or assassin.
You’ll also be able to modify this layout between matches, and this is very important going forward.

Know Your Enemy

Take a pause and just have a look at the names you’re about to play. Invariably you’ll already have decided on the most powerful batch of cannon fodder available to you. So will they, and tactics rarely change. Use the time between matches to modify your layout and start clicking on the big Inspect button at the top of the screen to see what the incoming setup is going to look like. You can see it in the screenshot above with a spyglass icon at the top of the screen.

Use Your Bonuses


choose an artifact - mythic legends

Again mid match changes can be crucial when you or an enemy gets the chance to pick a perk between encounters. Everything from increased attack speed to better defense all round, or a mighty epic dragon can make a massive difference. Always use these Artifacts. They don’t jsut give you a power boost mid game, using them actively boosts the rewards you’ll receive at the end of each tournament. Finally, if your opponent gets something game changing, be prepared to sap out Champions and move things around to take it out of play quickly.

Collect All Your Rewards


daily quests mythic legends

Like almost every mobile game we’ve played, Mythic Legends has daily and weekly quest rewards, and freebies dropped throughout your playtime. Don’t sit on this mix of gold, cards, and gems. They’re essential to getting characters upgraded, and as things progress, getting more cards and gold.

If All Else Fails, Cheese It!

Look, we didn’t tell you this but rushing headlong into battles isn’t always the best way to win. On an even battlefield having a mix of melee and some ranged players hold back and making the enemy come to you can work wonders. Sure, it’s not great form but a win’s a win right?

Keep An Eye Out For Freebies (Code Updated to X250)


mthyic legends redeem code M250

If you MUST spend money then the battle pass is pretty compelling, but freebies happen, and we’ve already had an eye on the Mythic Legends twitter and other fan sites that threw up a 250 Gem code with a simple google search. Right now that means you can use X250 to grab some free stuff.. While this is a free to play game, Mythic Chests do go a long way to creeping up that power ladder. You can redeem these by logging in, clicking on the top right menu, selecting se4ettings, choosing to redeem a code and entering a relevant combination.

You can keep an eye out for those freebies over on the Mythic Legends socials and official website now.

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