Nancon Unveils New Xbox Series Controllers

nancon series x controllers

Nancon has just unveiled a whole new range of gaming accessories designed to fit in with the upcoming Xbox Series ecosystem and allow you to play your way.

Before the Xbox Series X lands on your doorstep or you trade-in for the latest Xbox Series controller, take a look at the newly announced range of Nancon ‘Designed for Xbox’ accessories. Coming in two distinct ranges, this new line of add ons for the new generation of console gaming are all about allowing gamers to pick up and play the way they want to.

MG-X Series

As if to emphasize this flexibility for Microsoft’s upcoming platform, Nancon is set to release a new range of smartphone controllers. Giving Xbox fans all the same functionality that they’d expect from a full-sized console controller, the Nancon MG-X series allows Xbox Owners and Gamepass subscribers to play remotely without worrying about propping up their mobile device on the go. Two devices appear in the initial MG-X lineup, which would seemingly fit PC based remote play systems like Rainway, Parsec, or Shadow too.

nancon mgx

The standard MG-X controller is a sturdy design that looks capable of taking the rough and tumble of on the go action. It includes an adjustable stand and can accommodate any Android smartphone up to 6.7 inches. It holds around 20 hours of battery life and uses Bluetooth 4.2 to connect.

nancon mgx pro

nancon mgx pro

The MGX-Pro takes all the above stats and adds on two controller style handles for a more traditional grip.

Gets Set To Accessorize

The Revolution X is the latest Revolution branded controller in the Nancon arsenal. Designed for the Xbox Series family, and compatible with PC too, the Revolution X is designed to give players plenty of options. It crams in a carry case, stick accessories and additional weights, as well as a fully-featured software bundle for creating profiles and switching between game modes.

nancon pro compact

nancon pro compact

The Pro Compact controller takes the classic Xbox controller form factor and shrinks it into a manageable purchase for something that Nancon describes as a ‘versatile and accessible model with many different settings usually found on professional controllers’. With programmable buttons, stick settings, and trigger sensitivity all available to modify, the Compact Pro certainly still looks to have plenty of ways to change the way you play.

If you’re interested in getting ahead of the competition then the MG-X Series for cloud gaming, the Revolution X, and Pro Compact Xbox Series controllers will all be available in early 2021.

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