Narcos Rise Of The Cartels Is Out Now

Grab your guns and get ready to fight for your family as Narcos Rise of the Cartels arrives today. Following Stranger Things and The Dark Crystal, this game brings yet another Netflix series from the TV set-top to the PC monitor.

Developed by Kuju and published by Curve Digital, this brutal turn-based tactical experience is the latest boxset to expand beyond the confines of the TV screen. Now, PC players and PlayStation 4 owners can pick a side as the 80s drug war spirals out of control. Taking place around the first season of the hit Narco TV series, this narrative follows two distinct points of view. Players entering into a fight for control of the streets will have the opportunity to expand the Medellin Cartel’s empire or fight the growing influence of crime lords as part of the DEA.
Each campaign contains a range of unique vistas. Each environment cis inspired by locations in the Narcos first season, from the exotic jungle canopy to the hard-fought concrete of the urban jungle. Dotted around the city of Medellin, you’ll find a range of characters from the TV series willing to step up when things get frantic.

Run and Gun

Any Narcos title wouldn’t be complete without some visceral gun-totting action and Narcos Rise of the Cartels combines this with a real-time strategy system. The combat mechanics allow players to move multiple units at any one time and punish negligence with a hardcore approach that could any character’s storyline at the drop of a stray bullet. While Kuju has put together a fast-paced experience, there’s an element of authenticity that hangs around this title that makes Marcos Rise of the Cartels worth a look.

Narcos Rise of the Cartels is out now on PC and Playstation 4 via the Steam Store and PlayStation Store. Nintendo Switch and Xbox One Owners will get the chance to fight for the streets on 21 and 22 November respectively. To find out more about this title, check out the trailer or head over to the official website to prepare for bloody retribution.


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