Narita Boy: Techno Edition Comes With A Full Size Arcade Cabinet

Nartia Boy: Techo Edition

Fans of retro throwbacks and arcades of old might want to consider scrapping some quarters together and checking out the Narita Boy: Techno Edition, which comes with a stand alone arcade cabinet.

Since you can’t go out and feel the excitement of that sticky arcade floor right now, it seems like the perfect time to invest in a bit of arcade history. Team17 and Studio Koba have just announced that one quick gamer can snap up a one off special edition of the recent Narita Boy release, featuring a bespoke full-size Narita Boy arcade cabinet adorned with custom graphics – the only one available for private ownership in the world – a custom game controller, Narita Boy on all available platforms, a gift box of exclusive Narita Boy merchandise, the Narita Boy original game soundtrack, and a set of Narita Boy augmented reality pins by Pinfinity. You might need around 44,000 quarters, however. The Narita Boy: Techno Edition comes in at $11,000 / £7,999.

Exclusive Arcade Club

As the only privately available copy of this super special edition available, somebody will be able to run the techno gauntlet on one of four cabs. The remaining three copies of this format will be placed in The Strong: The National Museum of Play in New York, The National Videogames Museum in Sheffield, UK, and Arcade Vintage: Museo del VideoJuego in Alicante, Spain.


For those that aren’t quite up to that cost, you’ll be able to show your love of Narita Boy by grabbing some of the newly launched Pinfinity pin badges. These augmented reality pins allow fans of the pixelated technomancer to see key animated sequences from the game, as well as hear some of the soundtrack using Android and iOS smartphones.

“After collaborating with Pinfinity on the Worms collection earlier this year, we were very pleased to have the opportunity to work with them again, not only on the Narita Boy augmented reality pins, but the Narita Boy: Techno Edition as well. The edition is a unique opportunity for a retro games fan to enjoy Narita Boy, as well as support the incredible work of our Saving The Arcade World partners, and we couldn’t be happier to host the sale via Pinfinity.”

If you missed the launch of Narita Boy a gorgeous retro action platformer, then check out the trailer above to find out more about this wonderful adventure where you are a legendary pixel hero set on a quest to unlock the mysteries of a powerful Techno-sword. Check out more about Narita Boy on the official website and this ridiculous new Techno Edition over on the Pinfinity website now.

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