Naruto Mobile MMORPG Naruto: Slugfest Announced

Naruto: Slugfest a brand new 3D open world MMORPG is coming to mobile across the globe and registrations just opened.

Announced by Mars games, naruto: Sslugfest is the latest mobile title that looks set to build a player base on the back of the hugely successful anime and manga series, so why should we care? Anime tie ins re pretty common these days on mobile and the 2d turn-based strategy come MMO is pretty standard fodder for free to play storefronts. Naruto: Slugfest looks like it might be able to stand apart from this crowd when it lands in spring 2020.

If the trailer above is anything to go by, this MMORPG is closer to fully fledged desktop games like Soulworker than 2D strategies like Bleach: Immortal Soul and features a range of elements that you would expect in a premium MMO experience. The fully rendered 3D world allows players to immerse themselves in the world of the Shinobi, exploring many of the environments that fans of the anime series will recognize. While busy touring the towns and villages of the game, players can take part in a range of missions.

The central story missions allow gamers to follow the Naruto Shippuden storyline and relive the adventure they remember. Team Missions, Chunin Missions, Ninja Scrolls, Tower Missions, and even massive guild wars are already confirmed for the game so there should be plenty to keep people busy.

Four distinct classes are already visible in the game’s trailer, meaning that there should be plenty of diversity in combat, although we haven’t seen how deeply customizable the builds for this are as yet. As a member of the Hidden Leaf, players can pick from the broadsword-wielding Earth Keeper, the medical pyromancer, Blazing Lotus, the high mobility and surprise attacking Thunder Assassin, and the agile ranged attacker, Wind Shooter. The information that we’ve seen confirms that players should be able to pick from a range of skills to customize their characters before they go into battle and will be able to collect their favorite naruto characters to assist them in battle too.

Naruto: Sslugfest has all the trappings of a great Mobile MMORPG with a massive world, some great graphics that should run well on a range of devices, and some flashy looking dynamic combat systems. If you whiled away your youth morning Gara, sorry but Gara was always best boy, then head over to the official Naruto: Slugfest website to pre-register now before it lands on Android and Apple devices.


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