NBA 2K20 Cover Art Features Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade

Today 2K has unveiled the latest stars of its NBA series of sporting games. Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade will feature as the cover athletes for NBA 2K20.

While the rest of the world is focused laser-focused on the epic drama of the Women’s World cup, 2K has taken this moment to reveal the cover athletes for the latest iteration of its NBA series. Like FIFA or Madden the ongoing series of NBA sports games is fast a stalwart in the video gaming landscape, and this year is no exception. Coming to consoles worldwide on 6 September, the NBA series follows Davi’s first appearance on a 2K NBA cover back in 2016, as part of the all-star line up of NBA 2K16.


“I’m honored to be back representing NBA 2K,” said Davis. “Being picked as the face of NBA 2K20 means the world to me, and I’m excited for the fans to experience the best sports simulation in the world this Fall.”

Legend Edition cover star Dwyane Wade added, “I’ve been blessed to spend 16 years of my life playing the game I love at the highest level, and to culminate my career by joining NBA greats as an NBA 2K Legend Edition cover star makes me incredibly proud. My family and I love NBA 2K, and I’m truly grateful to all of the fans who have watched me, and played as me, throughout the years.”


Each of the stars will feature on a different version of the game. Davis, an All-NBA First Team, three-time NBA All-Defensive Team, and 2012 Olympic gold medalist, will feature on the front of the Standard and Deluxe versions. Three-time NBA Champion, 13-time NBA All-Star, 2008 Olympic gold medalist and 2006 NBA Finals MVP Dwyane Wade will make it onto the front of the Legend Edition.

If you are looking forward to getting back on the court or check out the new NBA 2K20 cover art then head over to the official website now.

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