NBA Playgrounds 2 Releasing later this year

NBA Playgrounds 2

Saber Interactive has announced that NBA Playgrounds 2, the follow up to the original 2017 title will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC later this year. The game is hoping to raise the bar on its two-on-two, over-the-top streetball gameplay with a fresh line up of local and online gameplay modes, new courts and characters. A few modes that have been highlighted so far include the new Championship Mode which will include a worldwide ranked league system. The league will include multiple divisions ladders for players to compete in. Season mode is a new single-player mode that takes a player through a regular season, playoffs and the NBA championship.

NBA Playgrounds 2 will is also boasting improved matching making, achieved with dedicated servers, four-player online matches, and custom game options. The game will also pull from the sports biggest athletes with over 200 current and retired players. With improved AI, new power-ups, animations, and models, NBA Playgrounds is setting a new bar for the series.

The game is looking to launch later this year with an E (everyone) rating. For more information on NBA Playgrounds 2, be sure to head on over to their official site. Also be sure to check out the official launch trailer below.

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