Necrobarista Serving Up On PC Now

Necrobarista, a very distinctive looking visual novel, is serving up sweet caffeinated storytelling on PC, right now.

Available via Steam and GoG, Necrobarista is yet another coffee-based storytime but this tale has its very own take on the golden roast. Developed by Route 59 games, an indie outfit from Melbourne, Necrobarista takes place in a back alley cafe, nestled somewhere in this same city. Unlike any ordinary roastery, this particular establishment doesn’t just cater to the whims of local commuters or writing staff out for their daily. Instead, it serves both the living and the dead.

Dead Good Coffee

Allowing the dearly departed one last night before crossing over into the unknown, The Terminal provides a waypoint between worlds where flat whites and skinny, no fat mochas are available to a beautiful blend of characters. Anybody from the cafe’s newest owner, Maddy Xiāo, to the infamous Ned Kelly, are welcome at The Terminal, and each has its own story to tell. While serving up brews, players will explore these stories as part of an entertaining first-person adventure that challenges gamers to solve puzzles, bewitch orders with dark spells and manage daily operations at the cafe. Between the daily humdrum of cafe life, you’ll find a range of dynamically shot cinematics that play on the development team’s love of anime, and the wait should be worth it, we hope.

“After years of pouring ourselves into Necrobarista, we can finally say it’s finally ready,” said Kevin Chen, lead designer, Route 59 Games. “This a special brew of what we love and who we are and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created. Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this journey and we can’t wait to see your reactions now that Necrobarista is out on PC.”

Necrobarista has your death by java ready for pickup now. Check out the trailer above or catch more detail over on the official Necrobarista website now and get serving on PC.

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